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Consignment Information 


In order to provide the best possible experience, consignment is taken by appointment only. Call, text, email, or DM any time! During your appointment, Refinery retains the right to determine what items will be accepted for consignment. 


With a focus on high quality casual and unique styles, we avoid fast fashion brands and look for items that are in season, clean, and in excellent condition. Items must be free from stains, pilling, snags, holes, pet hair, or strong odors. All buttons must be in place and all zippers and/or other fasteners must be in working order.


All pricing is done at our discretion. Consignor will receive 40% of what their items sell for and can use shop credit as their items sell, or receive a check at the end of the consignment period. Any balance due to consignors but not collected within one year of notification will be removed from the account and forfeited by the consignor.


The consignment period is 8 weeks. This period begins when the items are priced and placed for sale. After 7 weeks, any unsold items will be moved to the sale rack and sold at a 50% discount for the remaining week.


After 8 weeks, consignors can choose to have any unsold items donated to charity or opt for a 7-day window to collect their unsold items after the consignment period has ended. Any items still at the shop after the 7-day window closes are automatically donated to charity. 


Refinery staff guarantees to take every reasonable precaution to protect the safety of consigned items. Nevertheless, unforeseen events can occur and the consignor agrees that Refinery will not be held responsible for the loss or damage to items caused by theft, fire, or any other reason whatsoever. Consignors agree to hold Refinery harmless for any unforeseen damage and releases Refinery from any obligation for the reimbursement for the loss of any such items. 

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